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Best Firewall

Just like a physical firewall that prevents damage to a building by halting the spread of fire, a computer firewall is designed to shut off unauthorised access to your operating system, personal data and other computers connected to the network.

Most of us use the internet in a risky fashion. Can you honestly say you ONLY ever visit TRUSTED, SAFE SITES? Of course not! Unfortunately, straying off the well-beaten track of the internet carries a HIGH RISK of MALWARE INFECTION or NETWORK ATTACK from hackers. Once a hacker gains access to your computer or network, they can easily STEAL your PERSONAL DATA and WREAK HAVOC.


The only way to defend against this is to use an advanced firewall application that RESTRICTS your internet traffic to TRUSTED APPLICATIONS.

Unfortunately, most free firewall applications are easily BYPASSED by professional hackers, who know how to circumvent such simple technology. AVG Internet Security 2012 is guaranteed to BLOCK HACKERS in their tracks, keeping your COMPUTER, NETWORK and PRIVATE DATA SECURE from ALL THREATS.