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Block Spam

Do you dread opening your mailbox each day, and get that awful sinking feeling when you see all the new adverts for viagra, cheap meds and other products that you have absolutely no interest in?

Remember once, not so long ago, when every email you received was significant and carried some kind of importance – be it a new business opportunity, some good feedback from a client or colleague, a message from a loved one or an old friend? The sound of an email arriving in your inbox no longer excites you, as you know it will probably be another badly-worded commercial that wastes more of your precious time.


It may surprise you to learn that you can STOP SPAM MAIL from ever reaching your inbox, and return to those salad days of relevant email that is a joy to receive. Spammers use a combination of old and new tricks to ensure their junk reaches your inbox, but with the use of advanced anti-spam technology – as provided by AVG Internet Security 2012 – you can ELIMINATE SPAM FOREVER.

Just picture it – no more wasted time and frustration – a return to those days when the chime of a new message arriving was exciting and fresh.